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    Ultimate Wood Maintenance Kit

    Original price was: 195.50 NZD$.Current price is: 125.00 NZD$. Incl GST

    This kit contains everything you need to clean, oil and wax all items of wood.


    • Works on all types of wood (oak, pine, and so forth)
    • Great for waxing and oiling new wood
    • Can be used to restore wood back to new
    • Contains Wood Cleaner, Beeswax and Danish Oil
    • Contains all accessories to ensure a great finish

    8 in stock (can be backordered)

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    Product Description

    About Ultimate Wood Maintenance Kit

    This kit has been designed for cleaning, oiling, waxing and protecting all items of furniture, doors, windows, skirtings and all other items of wood used indoors and outdoors.

    We do have specialist kits for kitchen worktops and garden furniture (our Garden Furniture Restoration Kit) if you are looking to maintain and restore either of those. Although the Ultimate Wood Maintenance Kit is suitable for use on both.

    For all other items of wood this is the ideal kit.

    Additional Information

    Country of Origin

    United Kingdom

    Coverage and Shelf Life

    Please refer to the coverage and shelf life of each individual product for specific coverage.

    As a quick overview there is enough Danish Oil to cover 5m2 and enough Beeswax to cover 2.5m2.


    250ml Wood Cleaner, 250ml Danish Oil, 200ml Beeswax Polish, 3 x Sanding Pads, 2 x De-nibbing PadsFoam Brushes Pack, Lint Free Cloth Pack


    Furniture Clinic


    Individually the products are all simple to use, and can be applied to new wood, or applied on top of previous coatings of oil or wax with ease.

    If you have an order piece of wood that you would like to restore using this kit, you can use the below instructions.

    Step 1 – Preparation

    We recommend giving the wood a good clean using the Wood Cleaner to start. This can be done in conjunction with the coarse sanding pad. This cleaning action will remove old oil, any silicone polishes, waxes, dirt, grease, and grime from the wood.

    Once the surface has been cleaned, leave the wood to dry. Then use another coarse sanding pad and sand the surface of the wood (we are sanding it dry this time). This will further remove any previous oil coatings on the wood’s surface.

    As the original coating is removed/reduced, the wood will begin to appear a lighter colour. You should then sand the surface using the fine sanding pad; this will help make the wood feel nice and smooth.

    When the surface is reasonably even in colour and touch (it should feel smooth and look lighter), you can move on to step two. First, wipe the surface down with a damp cloth to remove any dust.

    Step 2 – Applying the Finish

    At this stage you have three choices to finish the wood:

    Danish Oil
    Danish Oil + Beeswax Polish
    Beeswax Polish
    What you choose should be based on your desired look of the wood. Danish Oil will slightly darken the wood, deepening the colour and leaving a satin sheen. Whereas Beeswax Polish will match the colour of the wood and can be polished to a high shine.

    Danish Oil is harder wearing than the Beeswax too.

    There is no right or wrong solution, it is more down to your desired end result.

    Using Danish Oil

    Shake the Danish Oil well, before use.

    Apply the Danish Oil liberally with a Foam Brush and wipe onto the surface following the direction of the grain, spreading the oil to leave a thin, even coat. Leave to penetrate for two to three minutes and wipe away any excess oil with the Lint Free Cloth.

    Leave to dry for four to six hours.

    Using a de-nibbing pad lightly sand the surface to remove any imperfections in the finish. This will help create a smoother finish.

    Two more coats should be applied after the first, leaving the full four to six hours drying time between each coat to ensure the previous application has completely dried before applying the next. De-nib between coats too. You can also leave the oil to dry overnight.

    Once the last coat of Danish Oil has dried, go over the wood one last time with the de-nibbing pad.

    Applying Beeswax onto Danish Oil

    If you want to give the wood a polished, high shine look, you can polish the wood using our Beeswax Polish.

    We recommend waiting at least three days after applying Danish Oil before you apply Beeswax.

    Using Beeswax Polish

    Ensure the surface is dust free. Apply the Beeswax Polish onto the Lint Free Cloth and rub into the wooden surface following the direction of the grain. Leave for five minutes and buff over with a clean cloth to restore the lustre.

    We recommended applying two coats for day to day use of wood, three to bare wood, or more if you desire a high gloss look. For a polished look, polish the beeswax in between coats using the Lint Free Cloth.

    Maintenance – Danish Oil

    With three coats of Danish Oil, all wooden surfaces should have a lovely, natural satin sheen and water should bead up on the surface. These signs indicate the wood has been properly treated.

    We recommend that each year you should re-apply Danish Oil to maintain this protection.

    To re-oil the wood, sand the surface using the fine pad and apply oil in the same way as above.

    Maintenance – Beeswax

    With two coats of Beeswax Polish, all wooden surfaces should have a lovely shine and water should bead up on the surface. These signs indicate the wood has been properly treated.

    We recommend to re-wax the wood one a year, or whenever the surface starts to look duller, or the water stops beading up.


    Whenever the wood starts to look dirty, or the finish smeared, clean it using the Wood Cleaner. Avoid using spray-on polishes as they will create a silicone film on the surface of the wood that, in time, will cause it to streak and smear.

    Instructional Video

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