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  • The Mahi Behind Mahy

    A traditional craft maker's love for leather
    Hand made bag in RAM Colour 120 Verde

    Stepping into the onsite workroom of Mahy, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s all just for show.  Everything has a home, nothing is out of place.

    There is no unnecessary clutter or scraps lying on the floor. Despite the tidy appearance prompting jokes from friends that no mahi takes place, the workroom is a hub of productivity and creativity.

    In fact, it is a reflection of the essence of the Mahy ethic.

    Birthed from a desire to create unique pieces that are designed with purpose, functionality and longevity in mind, Emily Mahy does the mahi herself along with her assistant machinist right here at the back of her Onehunga shop in Auckland.

    No shipping it from overseas manufacturers, her products are truly New Zealand made, which is very rare for this type of product.

    In keeping with a desire for sustainability and using local suppliers, Emily found that there were few options for leather suppliers in Auckland.

    When she discovered The Italian Leather Company, she was impressed with their range of quality leather.

    “I don’t want to be carrying large amounts of stock, so it is great that I can go in and handpick just what I need.”

    They have a wide selection of colours and high-quality leather.” says Emily.

    While Mahy’s design aesthetic is clean and pared back with single colours and striking design, she finds beauty in the unexpected.

    “That is why I love leather, each piece is unique and individual. It is a natural organic material that has variations as well as longevity, giving you years of use.”

    This aligns perfectly with her sustainability focus. “I can’t stand the thought of throwing leather out so I have created a range using offcuts. I’ve enjoyed the process as it is different from my standard collection of using one colour.

    It requires me to be creative in how I put the bags together and mix colour. It’s an interesting process and there is virtually no wastage.

    Emily describes herself as a traditional craft maker committed to slow fashion which means designing, creating and buying things for quality and longevity over low-cost and convenience.

    Discover the  MAHY range in her Onehunga, Auckland store, where you can see bags made from our RAM leather.  This is the link to her website.

    Artisan handbag by MAHY in RAM Colour 370 Living Coral
    The RAM range has a choice of 45 standard colours, and an additional eight metallic options.

    If you are a creator and would like to know more about our leather, get in contact today.
    We’d love to see how we can assist you.

    Make your handbag a lifetime piece

    A handbag is not just an accessory, it can be part of you an your personality.
    Why wouldn’t you want to keep it as a legacy item?

    That is why we recommend our Leather Handbag Kit to maintain and protect the look and feel of your item.

    Included is the Ultra Clean, a cleaning sponge and applicator sponge, as well as the Leather Protection Cream.  Not only will your leather be protected but the protection cream has a really pleasant smell.  All natural beeswax is part of the formula for the protection cream which  has a lovely aroma.

    This kit isn’t just for handbags.  It can be used on shoes, jackets and belts, gloves – anything leather!

    We also have a Fabric Handbag Kit which is very handy, as well as a Suede and Nubuck Care Kit.

    Packaged ready to go

    The Italian Leather Company also provides a service to repair handbags.

    If you would like to find out more get in contact.

    See more of our care product range

    Prevention is better than cure
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