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  • Reumers Has It

    Classic Car Restoration at its finest ~ An upholsterer’s love for leather

    John Reumers is a no nonsense guy.

    The sort of guy who will look you right in the eye and squeeze your hand so firmly that if you don’t match it, he will crush your hand.

    So, you know you can trust a bloke like this when he says he loves The Italian Leather Company products. 
    He chooses to buy exclusively from them.

    That is why he chose to use their commercial grade Puccini Cotto leather to fit out his own 1938 Ford Club Convertible.

    A labour of love, John worked on restoring his cherished classic car for over two years. Setting aside his Mondays, he has worked long hours to lovingly bring every aspect of this classic beauty back to life.

    John with car


    A family owned and run business, Reumers Trim & Upholstery have been fitting out cars, trucks, boats and aeroplanes in the Taranaki region and for over 43 years. 
    They pride themselves on high quality workmanship – quality that is clearly evident on this classic car restoration.

    Cleans and Protects

    “You can’t beat leather, it is a durable and versatile product,” says John. “Some people are scared of it because of the cost but you only have to make a few mistakes and you soon learn.

    It’s the old carpenters’ rule – measure twice and cut once.”

    John has been using The Italian Leather company since its inception in April 2005 having previously used one of its sister companies. 

    Hearing about them through word of mouth, he gave them a try and has never looked back. “Their service and support is great so I buy exclusively from them,” John says. “That, and their range of quality products. Italian leather is a prestige-product and you know you are getting the best.”

    So, when it came to reupholstering the seats, doors and lining of the boot of the Club Convertible, he knew he could find the perfect product in the Italian Leather Company range. 

    Puccini Cotto is a soft yet durable leather in a warm terracotta colour.  It  contrasts perfectly with the bone coloured paint finish while providing comfort and style for many years to come.

    John’s journey is marked by unwavering dedication and a commitment to quality,

    In every stitch and contour his craftsmanship is shown and he has  showcased the timeless elegance and prestige that Italian leather brings to the world of motor trimming.


    The PUCCINI range has a choice of 50 colours.
    If you would like to find out more about what would work for your auto project, or any upholstery work, get in contact today.  We’d love to see how we can assist you.

    Restore & protect

    For a classic car, or a modern car, the best option is our Leather Car Interior Kit.

    Included is the Ultra Clean, a cleaning sponge and applicator sponge, as well as the Leather Protection Cream.  Not only will your leather be protected but the protection cream has a really pleasant smell.  All natural beeswax is part of the formula for the protection cream which will fill your car with a lovely aroma.

    If your upholstery is badly damaged, we have several leather professionals on staff that can assist.  Either to help you with our repair products to do it yourself, or take over the job.

    Ultimately, prevention is the best cure, so avoid direct sunlight and condition your leather regularly to ensure you will enjoy it for many years to come.

    Clean and Protect

    See more of our care product range

    Prevention is better than cure
    Shop Care Products