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    Restoring the Beauty and Durability of Your Leather

    Our leather sofa repair products are perfect for fixing your couch and making it look brand new again.

    If your leather sofa has scratches, tears, or is fading, we can help. Our expert team at Italian Leather specialise in leather couch repair. Whether it's a minor fix or a major repair for your leather sofa, we've got you covered, restoring your sofa's style and comfort.

    Why Choose Our Leather Sofa Repair Materials?

    Quality: We prioritise quality in our leather sofa repair offerings, ensuring your couch gets the best treatment. Our products are top-of-the-line, trusted by professionals for any leather couch repair needs. Whether it’s a small fix or a hefty repair for your leather sofa, we provide materials that guarantee your couch will look and feel great.

    Easy to do yourself: Our leather sofa repair materials are designed to be easy to use, perfect for DIY fans at any skill level to get professional results. We provide clear instructions, making it simple for you to fix your leather couch

    Cost-effective: Opting for our leather couch repair products can save you money, both in comparison to purchasing new furniture and hiring repair services. Our products offer an affordable way to fix your leather couch, ensuring it remains beautiful and durable for longer.

    Range: Our selection includes everything for leather couch repair, from colourants and adhesives to fillers and finishes. Every product is made to fix common issues, giving you the confidence to tackle any leather sofa repair job.

    Italian Leather’s Range to Help You Fix Your Leather Couch

    Leather Repair Kits: All-in-one solutions containing everything you need to fix leather couch issues, from minor scratches to larger tears.

    Leather Dyes and Paints: High-quality colourants designed to match your sofa's original colour or to give it a new look.

    Conditioners and Protectors: Products to keep your repaired leather sofa looking its best, protecting it from future wear and ensuring longevity.

    Adhesives and Fillers: Specialised compounds for repairing tears, holes, and deep scratches, ensuring a strong and seamless repair.

    When Do I Need Leather Couch Repair? 

    When your leather sofa starts to fade or lose its colour due to sunlight, wear, or spills, it's time for a leather recolouring. This process not only refreshes your sofa's appearance but also adds a protective layer to extend its life. 

    Recolouring is a smart way to update your furniture to fit a new decor style, without the cost of buying new items. Our top-quality dyes and paints are designed for a perfect match and long-lasting finish, making it easy for you to get a professional look at home. 

    Whether you need to repair a leather couch or just want to give it a new look, our products have you covered. Browse our range of leather rugs too.

    Bring Your Leather Couch Back to Life!

    Visit us at Italian Leather Materials to explore our range of leather sofa repair products. Start your leather sofa transformation today - your furniture will thank you! 

    Stain Types

    Use the approved stain removal method for each type, as the corresponding Stain Removal Treatment

    Alcohol (not wine) 1 or 2 Wine 1 or 2
    Beer 1 or 2 Ball Point 6 or 1
    Baked Beans 1 or 2 Beetroot 1 or 2
    Blood (fresh) 3 or 1 Butter 1 or 2
    Candlewax 5 or 1 Chewing Gum 5 or 1
    Chocolate or Sweets 1 or 2 Coffee 1 or 2
    Cooking Oil 1 or 2 Cough Syrup 1 or 2
    Crayon 1 or 2 Cream 1 or 2
    Excrement 1 or 2 Fat 1 or 2
    Fruit Juice 1 or 2 Gravy 1 or 2
    Ice Cream 1 or 2 Ink (fountain pen) 6, 1 or 3
    Lipstick 1 or 2 Mayonnaise 1 or 2
    Milk 1 or 2 Mud 1 or 2
    Nail Polish 4 Oil 1 or 2
    Paint (oil base) 4 Paint (water base) 4, 1 or 2
    Polish 1 or 2 Soft Drink 1 or 2
    Soup 1 or 2 Spaghetti 2
    Tea 1 or 2 Urine 1 or 2

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