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    With the right care and attention, a good leather jacket can last a lifetime.
    Even if yours has seen better days, we can help you restore it to its former glory with our expert leather jacket repair services.

    As specialists in leather jacket repair in NZ, we understand the value attached to your favourite leather clothing. Whether it’s minor scuffs and scratches, a broken zipper, or significant wear and tear, our skilled craftsmen have the expertise to rejuvenate your leather jacket and ensure it withstands the test of time.

    Explore our services and contact us today for a quote.  Our minimum fee is $ 120.00 + GST.

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      Our Leather Jacket Repair Services

      Choose our experts for leather Jacket Repair in NZ. Here’s how we ensure you receive the prompt and professional services you need:

      Leather Jacket Repair:
      Comprehensive repair services to address scuffs, scratches, tears, and other damages, restoring your jacket to its original condition.

      Leather Jacket Restoration:
      Expert restoration techniques to revive worn-out or damaged leather jackets, bringing back their original beauty and durability.

      Leather Jacket Refurbishment:
      Professional refurbishment services to refresh and enhance the appearance of your leather jacket, making it look like new again.

      Leather Jacket Zipper Repair:
      Precision zipper repair solutions to fix broken or malfunctioning zippers on leather jackets, ensuring smooth functionality.

      Why Choose The Italian Leather Company?

      Trust us for your leather jacket repair needs and receive years of expertise and craftsmanship on every job.

      Specialising in leather jacket repair in Auckland, New Zealand, we ensure your jacket gets the attention it deserves, from minor scuffs to extensive restoration.

      With genuine attention to detail, we offer comprehensive solutions, including leather jacket refurbishment and zipper repair, to breathe new life into your favourite jacket.

      Rely on us to deliver exceptional results, preserving the longevity and style of your leather jacket for years to come.

      Italian Leather Quality and Style
      Hand made bag in RAM Colour 120 Verde

      Specialist Techniques and Commitment To Quality

      At The Italian Leather Company, our professional team employs specialised techniques and a true commitment to quality in every leather jacket repair project.

      With years of expertise in leather jacket repairs in NZ, we meticulously assess each garment, addressing scuffs, tears, and zipper issues with precision.

      Expect exceptional craftsmanship and personalised service, ensuring your leather jacket is restored to perfection.

      Contact Us Today for

      a Quote

      on Your Leather Jacket Repair

      The Italian Leather Company offers quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.
      We understand leather and we understand the importance of preserving an heirloom or timeless piece.

      Our commitment to attention to detail will give you the assurance you are looking for, that we will care for your jacket as much as you do.

      From LEATHER RESTORATION to LEATHER REPAIRS in Auckland, we provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure you receive the
      quality repairs you are seeking.