Suede & Nubuck Care Kit

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The Suede & Nubuck Care Kit can be used on all items made from these leathers, such as; handbags, clothing and footwear and provides excellent results.

A little care goes a long way. Use on Suede, Nubuck, Alantara and faux suede.  Contents of the pack:

  • 100ml Suede & NuBuck Cleaner
  • 100ml Suede & NuBuck Protector
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Suede Brush


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Product Description

The Suede & Nubuck Care Kit has been designed to clean, nourish and protect all items of soft and delicate Suede and Nubuck leathers that are used on luxurious items of clothing, footwear, handbags & luggage.

Everything you need to care for your handbag in one kit.

  • Powerful cleaning and protection without damaging the look & feel of your Suede or NuBuck
  • Quick & easy to use with excellent results
  • Enough to fully clean & protect your handbag three times over!



Additional Information

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

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