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  • Bi-cast Bog – 7ml

    23.00 NZD$ Incl GST

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    Bi-cast Bog is an easy to use water based resin.  It is available in Black, Brown, Clear or Red.  It is an easy way for you to repair Bi-cast, polyurethane or bonded leather furniture at home.

    Is your bi-cast leather furniture starting to peel, bubble or flake?
    This product is for you!


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    Product Description

    Repair Resin for Bi-cast or Bonded Leather

    Simply squeeze the resin under flaps, or flaking areas, and smooth down with your finger. It will dry to the same colour as the leather, and remains flexible.

    For bubbles in the Bi-cast or polyurethane leather surface, simply use a pin and make a small hole either side of the bubble, insert the nozzle and squeeze a small amount in.  Then smooth the surface down gently.

    Bi-cast bog is great for fixing unsightly small areas of damage. That is, scuffs and abrasions on edges and corners and so on.

    Available in Black, Brown, and Clear.  Comes in a 7ml tube with instructions.



    Additional Information


    Black, Brown, Clear

    Country of Origin

    New Zealand


    7 ml