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    Cutting Board Maintenance Kit

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    The perfect kit for keeping your chopping boards and kitchen utensils healthy and in good condition.


    • Made using food grade oil
    • Colourless, odourless and tasteless products
    • Use to protect, maintain and restore
    • Hydrates wood, preventing cracking and drying
    • Great for all types of wood

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    Product Description

    Cutting Board Features

    Our Cutting Board Kit can be used to maintain a brand-new board, helping to keep it in pristine condition, and used to restore older boards that are showing signs of wear and tear.

    The kit contains cutting board oil, a mineral oil-based wood oil.  The product soaks in, nourishes, and protects the wood. The oil will keep the board hydrated and stop stains and odours from being absorbed. After applying the Oil, you should then go on to treat the board with the Cutting Board Conditioner.  This is a wax-based conditioner for wood, it will protect the surface of the board and help to hide any knife marks and cuts in the surface.

    Cutting Board Maintenance Kit is Suitable For

    Can be used on all types of wood including Bamboo, Walnut, Teak, Cherry and Maple. It is great for:

    • Chopping boards
    • Butcher blocks
    • Countertops
    • Kitchen Utensils

    Additional Information

    Country of Origin

    United Kingdom

    Coverage and Shelf Life

    Enough to treat a chopping board roughly 50 times. Once open, use both products within three years.

    Kit Contents

    1 x 250ml Cutting Board Oil
    1 x 250ml Cutting Board Conditioner
    1 x 3 Pack of Lint Free Cloths
    2 x Sanding Pads (#60 and #100)


    Furniture Clinic

    Protecting new chopping boards

    Make sure the board is clean and dry.

    Apply the Oil liberally to the board and wipe in with the Lint Free Cloth provided. Leave any excess to soak into the wood overnight.

    Once dry, buff with a clean cloth. Test to see if the board will hold a drop of water on the surface like a bead. If it doesn’t bead up, apply the oil to the board again in the same way as the first.

    It would normally take two or three coats to get water to bead up on the surface, depending on the absorbency of the wood and whether it has already been treated with an oil.

    Once the board has been correctly treated with the Oil, it’s then time to apply the Conditioner.

    Apply to the board and wipe in, following the direction of the grain. Leave to dry for about 20 minutes and then buff with a clean cloth.

    Restoring an old chopping board

    Older chopping boards will tend to be stained and marked a lot from knives. The first step will be to sand out the stains and marks. To do this, use our Sanding Pads. We recommend sanding the wood with the #100 Sanding Pad. This is equivalent to 320 grit sandpaper, which you could also use if you have some.

    Sand the wood following the direction of the grain until you have removed the stains and marks. If you have any deep marks or stains you may need to use a heavier grade Sanding Pad (if so, use the #60).

    Once sanded, wash the board in the sink, leave to dry and follow the instructions above for ‘new boards’.

    Maintaining a chopping board

    Once the board has been protected with the Conditioner, you just need to maintain the conditioner on the wood’s surface, rather than having to repeat the above instructions every time.

    We suggest re-applying the Conditioner once a month to keep your board in best condition.

    However, once every three months, or whenever the board starts to look dry, you’ll also need to re-apply the oil. When this time comes, follow the full instructions above.

    Chopping board care

    When washing the board, try not to submerge it in water. Instead, wash the surface using a sponge or cloth but without putting the full chopping board into the sink.

    Leave the board to dry lying flat on a bench.

    Soaking the board in water, or leaving it to dry standing upright can cause the board to warp or split.


    Q. How often should I treat my boards?

    A. We recommend re-applying the Conditioner once a month. This will keep the board highly protected. You then only need to re-apply the oil whenver the board starts to look dry.

    Q. Will the products in the kit contaminate food?

    A. No. The products used are colourless, odourless and tasteless. Not only will they not impact any food, but they will also stop the chopping board from absorbing any food odours and stains.

    Q. Is the kit safe to use for food contact?

    A. Yes, both products are made using food grade mineral oil. They’re enriched with vitamin E so are great for wood, helping to keep it healthy.