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  • Red Wine Stain Remover

    34.00 NZD$ Incl GST

    Specifically designed red wine stain remover for removing wine stains from all carpets, clothes and upholstery.

    • Removes stubborn stains caused by red wine, fizzy drinks, and fruit juice
    • Can be used on carpets, upholstery and all other fabric, including wool and silk
    • Penetrates into the fabric for deep cleaning
    • Safe to use water-based formula
    • Removes old, dried in stains
    • Size – 500ml to remove many red wine stains
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    Product Description

    Red Wine Stain Remover

    A specialist cleaning solution used for removing red wine, curry, fizzy drink and fruit Juice stains from carpets, clothes and upholstery. Spray the stain remover onto the red wine stain and blot with a clean cloth to remove the stain; removing red wine stains is easier than you think!

    As you spray the Red Wine Stain Remover onto the stain, you’ll see it instantly kill the red wine colour as it neutralises the stain.

    Safe water based formula

    Additional Information

    Country of Origin

    United Kingdom

    Coverage and Shelf Life

    500ml of Red Wine Stain Remover should be sufficient to remove about five stains caused by red wine where a full glass has spilled.

    Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Store between 8°C and 30°C.

    Once opened, use within three years.


    Furniture Clinic

    Watch the video below showing you how to remove red wine stain from carpets