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  • Edge Paint

    29.00 NZD$276.00 NZD$ Incl GST

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    A non-flammable, polyurethane paint which colours and finishes raw, or coated leather edges, all in one application.

    • Extremely flexible: can withstand 100,000
    • Hard wearing and long lasting
    • Excellent colour coverage
    • Fast drying
    • Soaks in to create a thin covering
    • Can be applied over the Edge Coat
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    Product Description

    Edge Paint is a liquid based coating designed to soak in and dye the raw edge of leather.  This gives it a natural look and feel.
    It can also be applied on top of Edge Coat to create a perfectly curved, modern looking edge in any colour you want.

    This product is available in 12 different colours.  These can be mixed together to create your own unique edge colours.

    Our Edge Paint is extremely flexible, withstanding 100,000 flexes!
    This means that it can be used on leather which comes under extreme stress, or severe flexing, with peace of mind that it will last.

    Additional Information

    Country of Origin

    United Kingdom


    5 Litres, 500 ml, 125 ml

    Coverage & Shelf Life

    50ml of Edge Paint will colour about 15m of leather edging.
    Store between 8°C and 30°C.
    Once open, use within 1 year.


    Black, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Green, Light Blue, Lime Green, Medium Brown, Orange, Red, Turquoise, Yellow, White


    Furniture Clinic

    Shake well before use.

    Always pre test in an unseen area.

    For best results use a paintbrush and apply it evenly to the leathers edge. This can be left to dry naturally for around 10 minutes or sped up to around 2 minutes with the use of a hair dryer.

    Apply further coats as above until you reach your desired look.

    How many coats are required?

    One coat will be sufficient for most projects; however, it depends on the look of your desired edge. Each coat can be built up until you are happy with the overall look.

    What is the difference between Edge Paint and Edge Coat?

    Edge Paint soaks into the raw leather’s edge, dying the fibres and creating a thin, natural looking edge, whereas Edge Coat creates a coating on the leathers edge; smooth or curved, giving a more mordern look.

    Can I use this to restore colour to leather?

    No, this product has been developed simply for the edges of leather. If you are looking to re-colour leather, you should look at using our Leather Colourant or Re-Colouring Balm.

    Can this be applied directly to the raw edge of leather?

    Yes, it is fine to be applied directly to the raw edge of leather. In applying the product this way gives a more natural look to the leathers edge.

    It can also be applied onto our Edge Coat which gives a smoother, more curved and modern look.