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  • Leather Fresh Dye and Toner 150 ml

    39.90 NZD$46.00 NZD$ Incl GST

    Suitable for PIGMENTED leather only.

    Included in this pack is:

    • 150ml Leather Fresh Dye and Toner (colour of your choice)
    • Sponge applicator
    • Full instructions

    NOTE: Not suitable on bonded or bi-cast leather.

    Leather Fresh Dye and Toner Colour Chart

    Leather Fresh Dye and Toner Colour Chart

    After using the Leather Fresh Dye and Toner our Fadeguard Conditioner 200 ml or Fadeguard Conditioner 375 ml gives great results.

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    Product Description

    Leather Fresh Dye and Toner

    Now you can turn back time with your treasured leather pieces!  Leather Fresh Dye and Toner is an easy to use, water based toning system.  It will renew your leather and protect it for years to come.  The unique formula contains leather binders and top coat sealers along with a colour to match your leather products.

    If leather is not conditioned, over time it can crack or simply be damaged by scuffs and scratches, surface wear and fading.  For example your car seat side bolsters, the high use seating area of your couch, not to mention the scratches from pets and children.  Restore its look and feel Leather Fresh Dye and Toner.

    Choose the colour closest to your leather, follow the simple steps and your leather is as good as new.  You can shade your colour to match by simply adding more coats for a darker finish.

    Print off this colour chart and match it to your leather to make selection easier.
    Leather Fresh Dye and Toner Chart

    Additional Information

    Country of Origin

    New Zealand

    Full document for download with step by step instructions on how to apply the Toner.
    Leather Fresh Colour Toning System