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  • Roller Dye Pen ~ Edge Paint Tool

    49.45 NZD$ Incl GST

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    Edge PaintCraft Tools Icon

    Handy tool to make life easier

    It is perhaps one of the most used tools for painting leather edges by hand. It allows to apply the leather edge paint almost on all types leather goods items, in a quick and precise way.

    No special maintenance is required, just take good care in the cleaning process.  This is a quality pen and is guaranteed to last.

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    Product Description

    The Roller Dye Pen is suitable for prototypes and small projects.  It allows you to obtain a very precise and accurate edge finishing. It consists of an aluminum handle and a rotating brass head. The pen can be used like a normal nib, dipping the tip into the paint and then applying it on the edge to be coloured.  See the edge paint colours we offer also.

    Quick Cleaning

    This craft tool is easily cleaned. It is advisable to avoid that the paint completely dries on its rotating head. Also, when the paint is not yet dry it can be removed simply by using a damp cloth, paper, or specific cleaners, including our Cleaner. In case the paint completely dries, it is recommended to leave the nib to soak for a few hours.  Then remove the residue with the aid of a hard-bristled brush.

    When using the Roller Dye Pen it is recommended to always keep a glass containing water (or our Cleaner) at your fingertips.   Leave the nib to soak during the breaks between the workings. It will prevent the paint from quickly drying, and therefore it will be possible to quickly resume the processing and colouring of the edge.