Napoli – Saddle

Napoli is Full Grain Semi-Aniline leather, with a very light transparent pigment “pull-up” finish.

This effect uses a two tone colour finish that will shade in certain areas when upholstered.  This will also alter with wear and use.

In addition, this leather will show many natural characteristics such as healed scars, growth lines and so forth.  The finished product has a slightly “aged” appearance,

This will will continue to change with wear and use, and develop further character.

Product Description

Full Grain Semi-Aniline Leather

Size: 4-4.5 m2 approx. per average hide
Thickness: 1.0mm +/-0.1mm

  • This leather passes the Flammability Test Res.A652 (16) required by the International Maritime Organisation.
  • This leather passes all applicable EEC Standards.

Note: To convert textile fabric to the equivalent leather requirements, as a guide, add 60% to the textile meterage e.g. 20 metres of textile converts to 32m2 of leather

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