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  • Leather Glue PU

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    An easy to use, strong and extremely flexible water based glue used for repairing leather.

    • Heat activated
    • Extremely strong
    • Extremely flexible
    • Safe to use: water-based PU.
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    Product Description

    The leather glue is a polyurethane based, heat activated glue that remains flexible even once set. This means that you can repair damage on high use areas and not be worried about the damage splitting open as the glue will bend and flex with the leather without compromising its strength.

    As this is not a contact adhesive glue, it gives you the time you need to manipulate the leather or get your Repair Sub Patch in place before the glue sets. Once you are happy everything is in place, simply apply heat with a hairdryer to cure the glue.


    • Polyurethane based glue
    • Remains flexible once set.
    • Dries in about 15 minutes but continually sets over a 24 hour period.
    • Suitable for use on all leather types and all articles of leather.

    Additional Information

    Country of Origin

    United Kingdom


    50 ml

    Coverage & Shelf Life

    Size: 50ml.
    Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.
    Store between 8°C and 30°C.

    Once opened, use within 1 year.


    Furniture Clinic

    Leather Glue PU can be used on all different articles of leather, from furniture and car interiors to clothes, shoes, handbags and even equestrian leathers

    Aniline and Semi-Aniline Leather
    Pigmented Leather
    Two Tone, Mottled and Antique Finished Leather
    Oil and Wax Pull Up Leather
    Bi-cast Leather
    Vinyl and Faux Leather, including Bonded Leather

    Ensure surfaces to be bonded are free from dirt grease and grime; clean and prepare the leather thoroughly and allow to dry.

    The Leather Glue PU needs to be dried whilst pressure is applied to form a good bond.

    The Leather Glue PU will take around 20 minutes to dry naturally (depending on temperature and humidity) and can be sped up to around 5 minutes with the use of a hairdryer in all instances.

    For gluing Two pieces of leather together:
    If gluing two pieces of leather together flesh side to flesh side (suede side), the glue only needs to be applied to one side however, both sides can have the glue applied for a stronger firmer hold and feel.

    Apply the Leather Glue PU to the Flesh side of the leather working it in so that it soaks in and darkens the leather slightly, no need to dry.

    Apply a second coat so that it builds up to the surface and looks wet with the glue.

    Press the two pieces of leather together firmly and leave to dry.

    For securing a Leather Repair Sub Patch when the damage is all the way through the leather:
    Apply the Leather Glue PU to the back (flesh or suede) side of the leather, slightly working it in so that it soaks in and darkens the leather slightly.

    Apply a little more glue in the same area to build it up to sit on the surface.

    Apply the Leather Repair Sub Patch to the glue and press firmly to join the patch to the back side of the leather, allow to dry.

    If the back side of the leather cannot be easily accessed, the Leather Repair Patch can be fed through the damage and placed on the back. Making sure the patch is flat and smooth, the Leather Glue PU can also be placed onto the underside of the leather through the damage with the use of a pallet Knife other small tool or paint brush. Apply a generous amount so that you know that the glue has been applied to the whole area needed.

    Try to apply the glue to only the back side of the leather without disturbing the Leather Repair Patch.

    Press the leather down, to make contact with the patch while trying to place back the damaged leather in the correct place so that it lines up to where it should be, then allow to dry. If any glue squeezes out of the damage, gently wipe it away with a damp cloth.

    In this scenario, as the glue needs to be dried whilst pressure is applied to form a good bond, you should continue to gently press the leather down whilst warning the area with a hairdryer, this will speed up the drying time.

    For gluing edges of damaged leather together:
    When using the Leather Glue PU on damaged leather when the damage has gone all the way through, it is recommended that a Leather Repair Sub Patch is used to offer the repair strength and flexibility.

    After securing a Leather Repair Sub Patch and lining up all the damaged leather to where it should be, use a small paint brush or cocktail stick to place a line of the Leather Glue PU onto the edges of the damage to securely join and bond the edges together. Applying a fairly thick line of glue here so that it protrudes above the repair slightly is ok, as it will shrink down as it dries.

    If there are any pieces of leather that are missing within the damage, these can be filled out after the glue has dried with the use of the Heavy filler.

    After the glue has dried, the repair should be left and not used for 24 hours with it continuing to cure over seven days for maximum hold.

    Can I use this glue on high use areas?

    Of course, the glue is extremely flexible, even once cured, therefore it can take the stress of a high use area.

    My leather is ripped, can this be used to fix it?

    Yes with the use of a Repair Sub Patch, however if the leather does not sit together flush, we would recommend using our Complete Leather Repair Kit, as this comes with everything you need to repair this type of damage.

    What is the difference between Leather Glue PU and Leather Glue SB?

    Leather Glue SB is solvent based and is for professional use, whereas PU is water based and can be used by anyone.
    Leather Glue SB is a contact adhesive, so is better used when there is no manipulation required as it sticks on contact.

    PU glue is not a contact adhesive which means you have more time to manipulate the leather or patch before the glue sets.