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  • Maxcraft Leather Dye Thinner

    46.00 NZD$115.00 NZD$ Incl GST

    Leather Dye Thinner

    Leather Dye    Leather Dye

    Leather dye thinner is a product designed to be used in exclusive combination with the Maxcraft Leather Dye, in case you need to lighten the colour tone of the dye.

    The thinner should be mixed together with the Maxcraft Leather dye. The greater quantity added the more clear the colour will become.

    The product has been designed to not affect the technical characteristics of the dye, therefore there are no limits to the amount of thinner that can be added to the Leather dye.


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    Product Description

    Leather dye thinner has a creamy liquid appearance and is a beige colour.

    White aniline is not a colour found in nature.  Therefore, the Leather dye thinner has been made available in order to allow the leather crafters to correct the colour as they see fit. This can happen when particular shades are needed. The addition of this diluent does not change or alter the viscosity of the paint.

    Due to its nature, the Leather dye thinner should only be used in combination with our Leather Dyes, because the product alone has no effect on the leather.

    To achieve the desired colour tone, we recommend to gradually add small amounts of diluent until the required result is achieved. We also suggest the mixture is stirred well and each coat is checked before proceeding.

    It is suggested that you keep a record of your formulations so that you can reproduce the tone almost identically, as required.

    Additional Information

    Country of Origin



    1000 ml, 125 ml, 250 ml

    Dry Time

    10 minutes at 25º C

    Storage Temperature

    Between 5ºC and 30º Celsius

    Shelf Life

    24 months. Once opened use within 6 months.