Leather Craft Tool Set

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Limited Edition

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Set in an elegant wooden box this set is a range of the most common craft tools you will need for your leather projects.

Each tool has its own designated spot and has you ready for leather hand stitching and edge painting.

This is a great gift for the leather worker in your life, or treat yourself to this practical keepsake.



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Product Description

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Leather Craft Tools Set

Additional Information

Dimensions 22 × 19 × 7.50 cm
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The Leather Craft Tool Set – Limited Edition includes the following tools:

Stitching Groover with Rip Fence “Pro”
This Made in Japan craft tool is very helpful for multiple purpose. It helps to prepare your leather item for a very precise leather hand stitching grooving with a line following the edge, moreover removing the edge steel guide can be used as normal groover for free hand grooving. If you change the groover blade and substitute it with leather creasing blade it can be used to make decoration. Allen wrench to change the blades comes with the tool.

Stitch Groover Pro
Pricking Irons (Diamond Shaped – 4.0 mm)
The purpose of these tools is to create holes for stitching leather. When used it needs to be punched all the way through the leather surface. Inside the box you’ll find three different tools:
I prong – 4.0 mm seam distance
II prongs – 4.0 mm seam distance
IV prongs – 4.0 mm seam distance

Pricking Irons are Made in Japan and comes with a perfect sharpened blade.

It’s used to complete the hole previously marked by the pricking iron before proceeding to the stitching. The tapered bevel of the blade ensures easy piercing of the leather layers and prevents accidental tilting.

The tool is measure #2 with 2.5mm blade, length 19mm.

Mini Edge Dye Roller
The Mini Edge Dye Roller is a small tool for leather edge painting, mainly used from designers, hobbyist or in general small leather crafters. The strong point of this tool is that you need a very few quantities of paints to charge it, so you will not waste your paint any more especially when creating prototypes or when working on small (or single) leather items productions.

Edge Paint Pen Applicator
The Edge Paint Pen Applicator is a very common and cheap tool very popular among small leather crafters such as artisans, designers, students and small companies in general. It is suitable for leather edge painting on prototypes and small production and allow you to obtain a precise and accurate leather edge finish.

The Edge Paint Pen Applicator consists of a metal handle with some checkering that gives you a better grip on the pen. On one side there is a rolling brass head, free to move upside down while rolling, this movement will make even easier the paint application. On the other side there is a spatula that can be used to apply the paint on some specific part of your items that cannot be reached with the rolling brass head (i.e. very close angles of some patterns).

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