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  • Gelati – Autumn **DISCONTINUED**

    Gelati furniture leather is an exciting new range of bright colours that are unlike anything in the marketplace.

    There are twelve colours that will bring any interior to life.  The colours were selected in consultation with a Sydney designer.

    This leather is Corrected Grain, fully pigment finished.

    Due to the high quality pigments used, Gelati has an extremely durable and easy care top surface, making it our best performing commercial leather and for high use in a domestic situation.

    Product Description

    Corrected Grain Cow Hide

    Size: 4-4.5 m2 approx. per average hide

    Thickness: 1.0mm +/-0.1mm

    • This leather passes the Flammability Test Res.A652 (16) required by the International Maritime Organisation.
    • This leather passes all applicable EEC Standards.

    The pigments are also very resistant to UV light so will not fade readily. Gelati can easily be cleaned using a damp soapy cloth, or for stubborn soiling an approved leather cleaner.

    Note: To convert textile fabric to the equivalent leather requirements, as a guide, add 60% to the textile meterage e.g. 20 metres of textile converts to 32m2 of leather.

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