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  • Fabricoat Fabric Paint

    57.50 NZD$345.00 NZD$ Incl GST

    Fabric Paint used for restoring or changing the colour of all types of fabrics

    • Fabric Paint transforms colour without changing the texture or making the material stiff
    • The Fabric Paint can be used to refurbish faded and damaged fabric or transform it into something new
    • Available in 28 different colours
    • Use on sofas, soft furnishings, car interiors, clothing and more
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    FabriCoat is specialist fabric paint used to change or restore the colour of any item of fabric. This all-in-one fabric paint is extremely easy to use; just apply to the fabric with a brush or sponge and it will instantly soak in and dye the fabric.

    • All-in-one Fabric Paint that is easy to apply
    • Paint onto fabrics with a paint brush, sponge, stamp or stencil
    • Spray onto fabrics as a fabric spray paint

    Available in range of 28 fabric paint colours, it can be used on sofas, upholstery, car seats, footwear, clothing, handbags and all other items made from fabric. The colours are strong and vibrant and will not fade or rub off after they have dried.

    Once applied, the fabric paint remains soft and flexible providing a lovely, long-lasting finish that can be enjoyed for years. It soaks into all absorbent materials and once dry it will not make the material go hard or stiff.

    The fabric paints can be mixed to match any colour of fabric and either used to restore fabric or paint custom designs onto the fabric. If you’re using the fabric paint to change the colour of fabric, make sure the fabric is currently a lighter colour than the paint you decide to use.

    FabriCoat Fabric Paint is Suitable For

    Sofa, Armchair, Chairs and Furniture Car Seat or Interior Handbag Shoes, Boots or Footwear Jackets or Clothing


    Use FabriCoat Fabric Paint to restore or change the colour of any item of fabric, textile or canvas. It can be applied with a Paint Brush or sponge, or even as a fabric spray paint using an Airbrush.

    It works well on all types of fabric, both natural and synthetic.

    Additional Information


    250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litres


    Black, Bottle Green, Charcoal, Champagne, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Green, Golden Charm, Hawaiian Blue, Light Blue, Light Grey, Maroon, Medium Brown, Mink, Olive, Orange, Purple, Regal Blue, Red, Red Sole, Sky Blue, Turquoise, White, Yellow

    Coverage & Shelf Life

    250ml – will cover a dining chair or car seat.
    500ml – will cover an armchair.
    1 litre – will cover a three-seater sofa.

    If your fabric has a pile, such as velvet, faux-suede, chenille, draylon or microfibre you will need to use more product. This is because there is a lot more surface area to cover on these types of fabric. We recommend ordering double the above quantities of fabric paint for these fabric types. We would also recommend that you brush the fabric at regular intervals during the drying period to ensure that the fabric does not go stiff.

    Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight between 8°C and 30°C.
    Once opened, use within 1 year.


    Furniture Clinic

    Fabric Paint Instructions

    FabriCoat Fabric Paint can be applied to all types of fabric by either brushing, sponging or spraying it onto the fabric. We recommend using a Paint Brush, as this is the easiest method and produces great results.

    Using it as a fabric spray paint is mainly if you want to create a unique design, spray a stencil or achieve a pattern not possible by using a paint brush.

    Which ever method you choose to paint fabric, you first need to make sure it is clean.

    Cleaning the fabric

    Make sure the material is clean and free of dust. For best results, the fabric must be the same colour or lighter than the colour you are applying. The material must also be absorbent. Some garden fabrics will have a protector applied, so please test the fabric for water absorbency first. If it is absorbent, then FabriCoat will work.

    If you need a fabric cleaner, we recommend using our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. For clothing, just put it in the washing machine as you normally would.

    Applying Fabric Paint with a sponge or paint brush

    Dampen the fabric first with water. We recommend spraying water on with a trigger spray bottle, but if you don’t have one you also can wipe it on with a sponge or cloth.

    Pour the paint into a bowl and dip in a Paint Brush or sponge. Rub this into the fabric and it will instantly soak in and change the colour. Apply one coat this way and leave to dry for one hour.

    The fabric may still feel slightly rough, especially if it has a pile, due to the fibres sticking together. Brush the pile in all directions with our Cleaning Brush or a cloth to loosen the fibres and soften the fabric. This process will also remove any excess fabric paint that didn’t soak in properly. Brushing the pile while the FabriCoat is still wet can also help to avoid any roughness as it dries.

    If needed, apply additional coats once the previous has dried. Leave it to dry naturally overnight, and your fabric is ready to use.

    Using as a fabric spray paint

    Spray painting fabric is easy and can be used on upholstery, soft furnishings, car interiors, clothing, footwear and all other fabric materials.

    Thin the fabric spray paint down with 50% water, which will help penetration into stubborn fibres. Pour the solution into the Airbrush and proceed to spray it onto the fabric.

    First spray from side to side, and then up and down, to get complete and even coverage. Or spray it on in any other way if you’re using it to create a pattern or specific look.

    The fabric paint can then be dried with a hair dryer or left to dry naturally. The material will be usable within an hour, but it will continue to cure overnight.

    Q. Can I use your fabric paint to paint any fabric item?

    A. Yes, FabriCoat is incredibly versatile and can be used on any fabric item including chairs, sofas, upholstery, clothes, curtains, car interiors, carpets and many more!

    Q. Will painting my fabric change the feel?

    A. No, FabriCoat is designed to dry with a soft, flexible finish, allowing you to recolour, or change the colour of your fabric items without changing how they feel. However, if you apply too much fabric paint, or if the material you are applying it to feels very soft/silky/velvety prior to application, then it may slightly stiffen the fabric. This can be reduced by brushing the fabric afterwards with our Cleaning Brush.

    Q. Can it be used as a fabric spray paint?

    A. Yes, spraying the paint onto fabrics is a great way to cover a larger area quickly, or, to create specific design effects.

    Q. Can the fabric paint be used on any colour?

    A. Yes you can paint fabrics any colour with this product. However, if you want to change the colour of an item of fabric then you must go to a darker colour.

    Q. Is it a fabric paint for clothes?

    A. Yes, it can be used to paint clothes and all other items of fabric such as sofas, shoes and soft furnishings.

    Q. Do you have a black fabric paint?

    A. Yes, there is a black fabric paint in our range of colours. This is highly concentrated so is great for both restoring or changing the colour of fabric to black.

    Q. Can you use acrylic paint on fabric?

    A. Our Fabric Paint is not an acrylic paint, it is made from polyurethanes and so is a lot more flexible. We wouldn’t recommend using an acrylic paint on fabric.

    Q. Will the fabric paint colour come off in the wash?

    A. No. The FabriCoat takes 24 hours to become touch-dry and can be used after that, but we recommend waiting a full seven days before washing the fabric to allow the colour to fully cure. Once it’s fully cured, the material can be washed and cleaned as normal.

    Instructional Video

    These videos show how easy it is to paint fabric using our specially designed Fabric Paint.

    In addition to all of the colours we have, you can also mix any colours of FabriCoat fabric paint together to achieve any colour of fabric paint that you need.

    IMPORTANT: The colours shown here are dependent upon screen settings or monitor calibration, they are a guide only. The actual colour may vary.