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  • Shoe Colouring Kit

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    A quick and easy method of changing or restoring the colour to any item of footwear, whether leather, fabric, or suede.

    • Completely transform any item of leather, suede, or fabric footwear with one handy shoe dye kit.
    • Perfect for restoring colour to old, faded shoes.
    • Shoe colourant is colour safe; providing a water-resistant, durable coating.
    • This shoe dye restores leather and suede shoes, as well as fabric, canvas and silk.
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    Product Description

    The Shoe Colouring Kit is an incredibly easy to use product to restore the colour or change the colour of footwear, when going from a light to a darker colour.

    Simple to apply, the specially formulated colouring system can completely transform or restore the colour to any item of footwear including suede, leather, fabric, satin, nubuck or canvas.

    The colour soaks into the material, giving fantastic depth of colour and excellent coverage in one handy kit. The finished results are:

    • Water resistant
    • Durable; to resist cracking, peeling, and chipping
    • Completely colour fast

    Available in a great range of colours; select from our colour chart.

    Shoe Colouring Kit is Suitable For

    The Shoe Colouring Kit can be used to completely restore or change the colour of footwear made from almost any material including:

    Suitable for Suede
    Suitable for Nubuck
    Suitable for Leather
    Suitable for Fabric
    Suitable for Satin
    Suitable for Canvas

    Additional Information

    Country of Origin

    United Kingdom


    Black, Bottle Green, Candy, Dark Brown, Light Blue, Light Grey, Maroon, Medium Brown, Navy, Olive, Regal Blue, Tan, White

    Coverage & Shelf Life

    One kit provides enough colourant to completely restore or change the colour to any item of footwear.
    Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.
    Store between 8°C and 30°C.
    Once opened, use within one year.


    Furniture Clinic

    Step 1. Preparation

    Clean the shoes thoroughly with a good leather cleaner.
    After cleaning, take the small abrasive pad, soak it in water and rub down the entire surface of the leather (note: some of the colour may be removed in this process; this is normal). Pay particular attention to any creased or cracked areas.
    On older shoes, there may be some rough or scuffed areas, simply sand these down with 1200 grit wet and dry sandpaper until smooth.
    Wipe down the leather with a damp cloth, once this is done, then leave to dry.

    Step 2. Colouring

    Shake the bottle of Shoe Colourant well.
    Apply a small amount of colourant onto the sponge and rub directly onto the surface of the item using a circular motion.
    Leave this to dry thoroughly (a hairdryer can be used to speed up this process). When this is dry, apply a second coat in the same way.
    Apply a third coat by dabbing the colour onto the item with the sponge. This will ensure the colour is more uniform. If you are changing the colour, rather than restoring, additional coats may be required to achieve the desired colour.
    The leather can be sanded between coats for a smooth finish, though it is important to ensure each coat has completely dried before sanding.


    Step 1. Preparation

    Use the abrasive pad to gently rub over the entire surface of the suede/nubuck and clean the shoes thoroughly with a good suede cleaner, then rub down with a damp cloth to remove any residue. Allow the item to dry,
    Gently rub the entire surface over again with the abrasive pad to raise the nap and wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth to remove any dust.

    Step 2. Colouring

    Dilute the Shoe Colourant, 1 part colourant to 1.5 parts water (e.g 50ml colour to 75ml water) and mix thoroughly.
    Apply the diluted colour to the sponge and use this to rub it into the suede in a circular motion, covering the fibres from all directions.
    Allow to dry, then brush the fibres with the abrasive pad to raise the nap. If required, apply a second coat in the same manner to create a more even finish and allow time to dry.
    During the colouring process the nap of the suede/nubuck may become flattened. You can raise the nap again by brushing with the abrasive pad as before.


    Step 1. Preparation

    Shoe colourant is suitable for use on any absorbent fabric. Test your fabric with water before use to verify its absorbency.
    Thoroughly clean the item with a specialist fabric cleaner.
    Rub the fabric down with a damp cloth to remove any residue and leave to partially dry.

    Step 2. Colouring

    Dilute the Shoe Colourant, 1 part colourant to 1.5 parts water (e.g 50ml colour to 75ml water) and mix thoroughly.
    Apply the diluted colour to the sponge and rub it into the fabric, covering the entire area.
    Once the entire area is covered, leave it to dry.

    Additional coats can be applied, if required, to give depth of colour or a more even finish.

    Q. Do I need to apply anything to seal in the colour?

    A. No, the colour seals itself in, on any material, as it dries. You can add further protection to your shoes by applying Stain & Water Repellent which is suitable for leather, fabric, and suede.

    Q. Can I continue to clean and protect my shoes after restoring them?

    A. Yes, once the colour has completely dried, we recommend following your normal cleaning regime.

    Q. Can I change the colour of my shoes from dark to light?

    A. Yes, if the shoes are leather. If they are suede or fabric, you can only go from light to dark.