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  • Maxmatt Basecoat Semi Dense | Leather Edge Preparation

    46.00 NZD$115.00 NZD$ Incl GST

    Maxcraft Basecoat Semi Dense | Leather Edge Preparation

    MAXMATT Basecoat Semi-Dense will allow you to achieve a high finish quality on your leather edge. The Basecoat could almost be used on any kind of leather and it is commonly used when you have to finish a leather edge with a medium-narrow width, usually composed by only one layer of leather.

    This paint should only be used as first layer and its purpose is to prepare the leather edge for the following coloring phases.

    Basecoat Semi-Dense could be applied either by hand and by automatic machine and once it is completely dried it could be sanded or brushed, in order to get a very smooth leather edge surface.

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    Product Description

    The Basecoat Semi-Dense is designed to facilitate leather crafters during the leather edge finishing when they work on a leather edge with a medium-narrow width, generally on leather edge composed by only one layer of leather.

    Using the Basecoat Semi-Dense as first layer on the raw leather edge, will give you the opportunity to get an high quality edge thanks to its main features. This product will strongly adhere to the underlying leather and will create a uniform surface on the leather edge.

    Creating a uniform layer that works as base, gives the edge a somewhat rounded physical appearance. During the application phase the Basecoat appears to have a whitish color but once dried has a semi-transparent color and a very solid consistency. Once completely dry, the Basecoat can be worked using a brush, a scotch-brite cloth or a sand paper (we recommend a very fine grain) in order to get a uniform and very smooth leather edge without any imperfection. Once you have prepared the leather edge in this way, you can proceed to the following phases of coloring, choosing the appropriate paints to get your favorite finishing effects.

    In case of application on oily/greasy leather it may loose adhesion performance due to the difficult in penetrating the leather. In that case we suggest to use the Adhesion Aid specifically designed to solve this kind of problem.

    Additional Information

    Country of Origin



    1000 ml, 125 ml, 250 ml

    Dry Time

    30 minutes at 25º C

    Storage Temperature

    Between 5ºC and 30º Celsius

    Shelf Life

    24 months. Once opened use within 6 months.