Leather Ink Remover Kit

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This specialist Leather Ink Remover will easily remove ink from leather sofas, cushions, clothing, car seats and more!


  • Perfect for removing all types of ink stains, including permanent ink stains on leather.
  • Gentle blend to minimise any damage to the leather.
  • Suitable for most types of leather.
  • Easy to use.

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Product Description

Leather Ink Remover is perfect for removing all types of ink from leather surfaces, including;

Suitable For Permanent Ink Stains
Suitable For Ball Point Pen Stains
Suitable For Felt Tip Pen Stains
Suitable For Fountain Pen Stains

Leather Ink Remover will remove all ink stains from your precious leather surfaces. The leather ink remover contains a mild blend of cleaning agents to remove stubborn stains easily, whilst causing little or no colour loss to the leather.

Our Ink Remover is specifically formulated to tackle ink stains on leather. If you have another type of stain, such as dye transfer from clothes, we recommend using our Leather Stain Remover to remove these stains.

When you purchase the leather ink remover kit, you will get:

15ml of Leather Ink Remover
10ml protection cream to repair any damage to the leathers finish
Application buds & sponge for effective ink removal
Handy sized cloth to apply the protection cream
1 set of detailed instructions

Step one removing ink from leather

Step 1.

Never apply directly to the leather, always apply drops onto the cotton buds provided. Use the cotton bud and Ink Remover solution to dab or stroke the stain gently – do not rub hard. As soon as you see ink on the cotton bud, swap to another cotton bud to prevent ink being returned to the leather. Never re-use a cotton bud.

If you see the leather colour appearing on the bud, stop and allow the leather to dry, then go back and inspect the results.

Step Two removing ink from leather

Step 2.

If there is still ink on the leather re-apply the ink remover, and then wait again and come back to inspect. After removing the initial stain there may be a residual ink ‘cloud’ mark, simply add some Ink Remover to a sponge and gently clean the area, then wipe away residue with a clean cloth.

After completely removing the stain apply the protection cream to the surface and buff with the cloth provided to finish.

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