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  • Leather Ink Remover Kit

    36.80 NZD$ Incl GST

    This specialist Leather Ink Remover Kit will easily remove ink stains from leather sofas, cushions, clothing, car seats and more.

    • Perfect for removing all types of ink stains including permanent ink stains from pigmented leather
    • Gentle blend to minimise any damage to the leather
    • Suitable for non-absorbent or painted leathers
    • Contains 10 Ink Remover Wipes
    • Easy to use

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    Product Description

    Leather Ink Remover is perfect for removing all types of ink from leather surfaces, including;

    Suitable For Permanent Ink Stains
    Suitable For Ball Point Pen Stains
    Suitable For Felt Tip Pen Stains
    Suitable For Fountain Pen Stains

    Our Ink Stain Remover Kit contains 10 Ink Remover Wipes that will remove all ink stains from your precious leather surfaces. The leather ink remover contains a mild blend of cleaning agents to remove stubborn stains easily, whilst causing little or no colour loss to the leather.

    Our Ink Remover is specifically formulated to tackle ink stains on pigmented leather. If you have another type of stain, such as dye transfer from clothes, we recommend using our Leather Stain Remover to remove these stains.

    Test in a hidden area first.

    Blot the stain with a wipe then leave for 20 seconds.
    Wipe the stain with the same wipe until it has been removed.

    Clean the area with a suitable leather cleaner, such as our Leather Ultra Clean.

    Q. Is Leather Ink Remover suitable for use on all of my leather items?
    A. No, the kit is only suitable for the most common type of leather: pigmented/top coat leather which is a non-absorbent painted leather. It is suitable for removing ink from leather items such as leather sofas, chairs, car seats & interiors, handbags, shoes and clothing.

    However, if your item is made from either aniline or pull-up leather, which are very prone to staining due to their structural properties and treatment in the tannery, you should use our Leather Degreaser to remove the ink stain.

    Q. Is Leather Ink Remover capable of removing all types of Ink stain on leather, even Permanent Marker?
    A. Absolutely, our Leather Ink Remover Kit will tackle any type of Ink on leather including: ballpoint pen/biro, fountain pen Ink, permanent marker and felt tip pen. As with all stains, the older it is the harder it gets to remove it, if your stain is over a couple of weeks old, it can still be removed, but may need more than one treatment to completely rid your item of the ink stain.

    Q. Will Leather Ink Remover damage my leather?
    A. Our Leather Ink Remover Wipes are formulated to be a powerful and effective ink remover, while remaining as gentle as possible to the structure and finish of the leather itself. However, with over-zealous wiping the finish can, in some cases, start to come away. To avoid this, follow all instructions carefully, and keep an eye on the leather while treating the stain. If you observe the colour of the leather transferring onto the wipe, simply stop and allow the area to dry before trying again.

    In cases where accidental damage has been caused to the leather or colour, you can quickly and easily repair small areas of colour loss with the use of our Leather Repair Kit. Using this kit will allow you to repair any colour loss as a result of the ink removal process.

    Q. Can I clean and maintain my leather items as normal after treating an ink stain with Leather Ink Remover?
    A. Yes, after treating the ink stain, just allow the area to dry and it can be cleaned and maintained in the same manner as it was before the ink stain occurred. We recommend applying Leather Protection Cream to the area, in order to protect from future staining.

    Our Leather Care Kit provides everything you need for this in one package and is perfect for cleaning and protecting all your leather items.

    Q. Will there be any visible trace of the ink left once the stain is removed from the leather?
    A. In the majority of cases the ink stain is completely removed, and no trace is left on the leather whatsoever. In some cases, where the ink has been on the leather for a long time before being treated or if it is particularly stubborn or ingrained, there can be minor traces left behind.

    In this instance, you can wait for the area to dry and simply apply another Leather Ink Remover Wipe again to try and remove the remaining ink or, if the remaining stain is very faint, you also have the option of using our Complete Leather Repair Kit to match the surrounding colour of the leather and cover the residual ink stain. This will blend the area in with the rest of the leather and render it invisible.

    This cream leather sofa had an unsightly ink line, from a ballpoint pen, on the arm. Using the Leather Ink Remover, the ink was removed without leaving a trace and with no damage to the surface of the leather.

    The ink from a permanent marker on this red leather surface was easily tackled using the Leather Ink Remover.