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  • Leather Care Pack 3 x 200ml

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    All three of the essential Colourlock products in one handy pack with full user guide enclosed. 3 x 200ml containers.

    That is, a cleaner, protector and conditioner.

    Great for furniture and cars, handbags and shoes.

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    Product Description

    Leather Care Pack 3 x 200ml

    Colourlock Leather Cleaner
    Is an extremely efficient, easy to use cleaner.
    It contains pure synthetic cleaning and moisturising agents. This product is excellent for removing dirt, stains, spillages and build-ups of sweat and body oil on all nappa and smooth top-coated leather.

    Colourlock Leather Shield Protector®
    Is a unique lotion, designed to protect and reduce friction damage on high contact areas.  That is, leading edges on car seats, seat, arm and headrest areas on furniture.  In addition, it also minimises and inhibits colour and dye transfer from clothing and textiles onto leather and vinyl surfaces.  It achieves this by modifying the surface of the top coat polymers with tiny (100 nanometre) particles and additives, buffering the surface against friction damage and clothing dyes.

    Shield protector was developed in Germany for the auto and furniture industries.  As such it is used by many world-leading automakers and furniture manufacturers throughout Europe, Asia and the United States of America.

    Colourlock Leather Shield® is ideally suited for use on car seats, furniture, leather clothing and bags.

    Colourlock FadeGard™ Leather Conditioner
    Is a creamy lotion containing a range of ultraviolet filters together with synthetic conditioning and moisturising agents.
    With regular use, the suppleness of leather is retained.
    Also, fading of colour is significantly reduced and damage due to surface friction is minimised.

    This product is ideal for furniture, clothing and automotive leather.

    Additional Information

    Country of Origin

    New Zealand