Beeswax Polish

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A clear beeswax polish designed to feed and protect bare wood.  It also protects and cares for all other wooden surfaces.


  • Natural Beeswax formula feeds, enhances and protects all fine wooden surfaces.
  • Soft wax – easy to apply and more cost effective than aerosol and other alternatives.
  • Clear wax – doesn’t alter the colour of the surface it is applied to.
  • Provides an instant, long-lasting shine.
  • Cleans, nourishes and protects.
  • Suitable for all wooden surfaces.
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Product Description

Beeswax Polish is Natural

Beeswax Polish is a natural wax used to feed and protect bare wooden surfaces.  It can also be used on varnished, oiled or painted wood. This product seals and protects all types of wood giving a long lasting, durable and natural looking shine. Beeswax Polish will also repair minor knocks and scratches in woodwork as well as protecting from moisture and staining.

In addition, beeswax acts as a protective coating on the surface, enhancing the woods shine and helps keep it looking better for longer.

Traditional and natural beeswax recipe

Natural beeswax polish blend has been used by professional furniture restorers, heritage organisations and the general public with great success for many years.

Formulated to be colour neutral; it enhances the natural beauty of the wood without changing the colour. Very simply it will add a healthy, natural looking finish. Any wooden surface, modern or antique will be greatly enhanced.


Designed for use on modern and antique wood, including wooden veneers. It is suitable for treating all natural woods including; Beech, Mahogany, Oak, Pine, Teak, Walnut and so forth.

Beeswax Polish can be used to finish all bare/unfinished wooden surfaces.  It can also be  applied on top of varnish or oil finishes to added further protection and enhanced shine.

A great wood wax polish, it can be used on furniture, flooring, doors and all other items of wood around the home. Beeswax is for hardwoods and softwoods too; use it with great results.

Additional Information

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

Coverage and Shelf Life

200ml of Beeswax will cover an area of approximately 2.5m².

If stored in a cool, dry place our Beeswax Polish will last for years without drying up or going off.

How to use Beeswax Polish

Our Beeswax Polish is great for cleaning wood, as well as polishing wood.

Applying Beeswax Polish

Ensure the surface is dust free. Apply the Beeswax Polish onto a cloth and rub into the wooden surface following the direction of the grain. Leave for five minutes and buff over with a cloth to restore the lustre.

The Beeswax Polish cleans and polishes in one simple application!

Additional coats can be applied for extra protection or if applying to bare wood.

Maintenance with Beeswax

Beeswax Polish should be re-applied once a year for maintenance of furniture. When properly protected, Beeswax Polish will cause liquids to bead up on the surface in the form of globules; a good indication of when the Beeswax needs to be re-applied is when liquids start to lie flat on the surface instead of beading up.

Beeswax Polish Finish

Using beeswax furniture polish, it gives a lovely finish and shine that looks fantastic.

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