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  • Kip Black 2.50mm

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    Chrome Tanned Drum Dyed Leather 

    This is an affordable leather in a sturdy thickness of 2.50 mm.  It has a smooth surface and is also hard wearing.

    Please note – these hides are wholesale direct and cannot be returned.



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    Product Description

    Chrome Tanned Drum Dyed Leather

    Size: 13.00 ft2 ~ 19.00 ft2 (1.76 m2 ~ 1.49 m2) approx. per average hide
    Thickness: 2.50 mm

    • This leather passes the Flammability Test Res.A652 (16) required by the International Maritime Organisation.
    • This leather passes all applicable EEC Standards.

    Note: To convert textile fabric to the equivalent leather requirements, as a guide, add 60% to the textile meterage e.g. 20 metres of textile converts to 32m2 of leather.


    Additional Information

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    Size in ft2

    13.80, 16.70, 17.70, 17.80, 18.90

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